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Come to us, or we'll come to you!


     Our customers come to us from all parts of Long Island and the Tri-State Area for our free car appraisals. Our trained car appraisers know how to accurately price the car your selling and get you the best value for what you have to offer.We help not only individuals selling their private cars, but also small businesses and large corporations looking to sell their company fleets, used work trucks, cargo vans and pretty much anything on four wheels. (We also have been known to offer cash for the two-wheel kind too.)




     As we mentioned before, we’ll accept pretty much any type of vehicle on wheels. Some of the vehicles we buy from customers include:


Sedans, coupes, hybrids, sports coupes, mid-sized sedans, luxury sedans, luxury cars

Pickup trucks, SUVs, sport SUVs, vans, step vans, cargo vans, minivans, tow trucks

Classic cars, antique cars, project cars, hot rods, race cars

Motorcycles, ATVs and even scooters

We’ve even paid cash for cars not on wheels too! We know how to spot a diamond in the rough, so before you dismiss your car, no matter what shape it’s in, call us to see just how much you can get for it.


Other great reasons to choose CarMoney


     No risk of meeting a stranger or worrying about getting robbed.

No shelling out of time and money posting ads about your car.

No time lost waiting for buyers to call you about your car.

No time lost meeting all of those buyers only to have them tell you “No.”

Bring your car to us today, get paid today!

Walk in with your car, and walk out with cash!


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     Sell a car for cash may be the main goal of many of our consumers, but for those who don’t know us, we warmly welcome you to learn more about us.  Carmoney is the leading service in all of NY for consumers to sell their car without the hassle.  Whether you want to Sell a car for cash or trade in your current vehicle we make it easy and enjoyable for you to do.


Our goal is to provide you with an experience that is memorable, treat all you with respect and personable service. Nothing matters to us more than your 100% satisfaction

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